Welcome to Anju’s Blog

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs about life and dentistry (in no particular order), written by myself, Anju Mishra.  A little bit about myself first.  I was born and brought up in Wrexham, North Wales (you may have heard of their football team?), before studying Dentistry at Guy’s Hospital in London and qualifying in 1998. My journey has seen me work in Gloucestershire and then Basingstoke, before taking over Zebon Copse Dental in October 2012.  Along the way, I got married and have 2 wonderful children, a son and daughter now aged 8 and 11.  Please don’t imagine that, just because they are lucky enough to have a parent as a dentist, they hate sweets and love to brush their teeth (but let’s leave that for a separate blog).

Throughout my career in dentistry, I have always gained a great deal of satisfaction from helping nervous patients.  From the strapping 6-foot young man who fainted while I took an x-ray at his first visit, who I worked with to be able to take a tooth out and then became a regular attender, to the patient this week who snoozed his way through root canal treatment. I’m always happy for someone to pop in to meet me before they come in for an appointment, as I understand how daunting it can be to take that first step. We understand it can take a while for people to feel entirely comfortable with us, but we do our best to make the journey as pleasant as possible.The ethos I, and the team at Zebon Dental, work to is that we will give patients the time they need to accept treatment, and we will stop treatment if you want us to.  As all careers evolve, I find what pleases me more and more, is showing someone how to improve their smile, without drilling down healthy teethbut by minimal treatment.  I find myself cringing when I watch a programme on TV and notice how all the actors and actresses have the same un-natural teeth!

Until next time,
Anju Mishra