Dental Care & Examination

When we first see you, you will have a thorough mouth and dental examination and, if necessary, X-rays will be also be taken. You will be able to discuss previous dental experiences and tell us how you would like your mouth to look and feel. In our process of private dental care & examination in Fleet, we use the most latest and high-tech dental machines to provide accurate and effective results.

As a practice, we try to use minimally invasive dentistry as far as possible. This includes a special diagnostic test to locate hidden decay which allows us to provide tailored preventative advice to remineralise lesions, thus avoiding the need for fillings.

Small cavities can be treated with air abrasion or drill-free dentistry, which do not require anaesthetic.

Why Choose Us

We are a Practice based on Prevention

We have a very friendly welcoming team

We pride ourselves on helping patients feel at ease

We carry out High Quality Treatments

We use modern, up-to-date methods

Your smile matters to us!



Our aim is to always teach in the importance of prevention rather than cure. Sometimes, however, treatment is necessary and we will be more than happy to advise you of, and deal with, any problems which may arise.


Preventative dentistry is available through our routine oral reviews and hygienist care. We will discuss, agree and develop an oral care plan tailored to your lifestyle to help your smile stay happy!


Oxygenate your teeth to add that extra sparkle and brighten your smile. At the Zebon Copse Dental Practice, we use an approved Home Whitening tray system fully explained to you from the outset and offered with full support.